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Air Flow

wind energy/ atmospheric physics/ thermodynamics.

This project was a conceptual design project that harnessed wind energy in cities. The wind harvest device was designed to connect to existing high-rise buildings and actively took advantage of the urban heat island effect, natural airflow, and air turbulence between buildings. The initial idea of this project is to provide one potential self-sufficient energy system solution. With this project, I have drawn upon basic knowledge from the field of wind energy, atmospheric physics, and thermodynamics.

截屏2022-01-22 下午11.31.47.png
截屏2022-01-22 下午11.31.40.png
截屏2022-01-22 下午11.36.00.png
截屏2022-01-22 下午11.35.54.png
截屏2022-01-22 下午11.36.21.png
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