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Being with plants
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Re-see/ Re-connect/ Re-imagine with plants 🌱 🌱 
Being with plants is a speculative design project to rethink the relationship between urban citizens and plant-based food through everyday practice, including growing, cooking, eating, and other possible relations. Being with plants aims to raise awareness about plants and trigger discussions about possible future human-plant relationships. This project is an example of exploring human-plant relationships from a de-anthropocentric perspective in the field of speculative design. The purpose of this research project is to re-see, re-connect with plants, re-imagine, and re-construct the future human-plants possibilities.

With a series of plants related practices, this project has zoomed in on the domestic small-scale potato-growing activity and zoomed out on human-plants relations. In my approach, storytelling and fabulation are combined with scientific facts and bodily experience.

The 'being with plants' project intends to work with the following research questions:

How to explore human-plant relationships in future high urbanism circumstances?


-How to see plant growing practice as a design method to enter human-plant entanglement?

-How to materialize plants' activity in a human-understandable form?

-How to raise awareness of plants from a de-anthropocentric view?

-How to construct potential human-plants realities through storytelling?

I worked with a multimethod research process to tackle the scenario of plant blindness and re-imagine the future of human-plant relationships.

截屏2021-03-11 下午11.26.33.png

Construct reality 

fictional storytelling

writting exercise 

截屏2021-03-16 下午2.02.38.png

Polyvocal story

story from human and non-human voice


Growing activity 

 potatoes live on my balcony 

Mr. pan/ Ottis/ Pudu/ Ping

截屏2021-03-15 下午1.19.50.png

P for potato

A potato influcer and activist 

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