Being with plants
2020, a worldwide pandemic have been making a significant change to our planet for both human and non-human entities in various level. Especially on food production and consumption, as an individual human being and as a designer, I live in such a precarious period. I start to reflect upon what I consume as a habitual fundamental supplement and learn to take care of plants to cope with stressful situations. Also, this is a time for me to draw back plants into my vision instead of taking them as just mundane food sources. 

How to explore human-plant relationships in a future highly urbanism circumstance?


- How to see my plant growing practice as a design method to enter human-plants entanglement?

- How to materialize plants' activity in a human-understandable form?

- How to raise awareness of plants from a de-anthropocentric view?

- How to construct potential human-plants realities through storytelling?

I worked with a multimethod research process to tackle the scenario of plant blindness and re-imagine the future of human-plants relationships.


Re-see/ Re-bound/ Re-imagine 

with plants 🌱 🌱 

截屏2021-03-11 下午11.26.33.png

Construct reality 

fictional storytelling

writting exercise 


Polyvocal story

story from human and non-human voice

截屏2021-03-15 下午1.19.50.png

P for potato

A potato influcer and activist 


Growing activity 

 potatoes live on my balcony 

Mr. pan/ Ottis/ Pudu/ Ping