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Emotional Vibe
An emotion materialization and visualization system.

In this system, skin conductance data is a measure of emotional and sympathetic responses. Color, light, sound, and water were applied to transfer emotion signals. The idea of this project is to transfer emotional responses into different forms to construct various experiences. This system holds potentials to be applied in artistic performances, psychological therapy, etc.

Emotion could be separated into two dimensions arousal and valence.

If the sympathetic branch of the autonomic nervous system is highly aroused, then sweat gland activity also increases, which in turn increases skin conductance. In this way, skin conductance can be a measure of emotional and sympathetic responses. Skin conductance is positively correlated with emotional arousal.
截屏2021-11-20 下午11.48.16.png
截屏2021-11-20 下午11.46.43.png
Galvanic skin response could be separated into two forms skin conductance level (SCL) and skin conductance response (SCR).

SCL is more relatives to an individual’s foundation character level which shows slight changes. SCR could rapidly show emotional fluctuation in 1-3 seconds after outside stimulus with distinct peak and track.


截屏2021-11-20 下午11.48.07.png
The galvanic skin response will transfer into the CIE LAB color system. The higher skin conductance matches with the brighter and warmer color and vice versa.

SCL data transform into the background color.

SCR data transform into the lights flash in the space shows the variety of emotion changes.


截屏2021-11-21 上午12.15.38.png
Transfer the SCR fluctuated into the frequency and loudness of sounds and the movement and volume of water droplets.
截屏2021-11-20 下午11.38.06.png

In order to control the movements of water droplets. I manipulate the frequency of the water flow and the strobe lights. The strobe light only lights up the specific moment of vibration. Therefore, by changing the flashing frequency the water flow will seem like water drops are freezing or moving in different directions.

In the prototype, I programed a buzzer to provide the frequency of water flow.

截屏2021-11-21 上午12.41.00.png
截屏2021-11-20 下午10.55.25.png

Higher SCR numbers lead to a larger quantity of water droplets.

A higher volume of water leads to more splashes on the sidewall, which will connect the electric circuits then light up the side wall.

截屏2021-11-20 下午11.38.29.png
截屏2021-11-20 下午10.53.34.png
截屏2021-11-21 上午1.01.37.png
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