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The lion stairs, ‘Lejontrappan' in Swedish, is a public open space located in the center of Gothenburg, facing towards the canal, sitting next to Brunnsparken park, also the busiest public-transport station in the city. 

It is a landmark in Gothenburg that has various impressions for the stakeholders.


On a cloudy afternoon standing on the stairs, the wind is blowing strongly, and the water is splashing loudly, the pavement is staying lively. The very noticeable happenings are all kinds of humans and their activities, driver, passenger, passerby, children, dog-walker, worker, tourist, street musician, sitting, drinking, walking, waiting, exercising, chatting, etc. Human activities were changing depending on time, weather, seasons, and this pandemic situation.


Humans, such an unstable element compared with nature and other concrete objects. I came up with a catalog system to sort out stakeholder and their social structure. I see water and people as critical stakeholders in the project, with other branches developed from those two perspectives. 

Identify the non-human entities as stakeholder is a new way for me to enter the complex entanglement.
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