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This study explores the possibilities of restoring sustainable ecological resources within the local context.

This work remediated the contradictions between local wetland preservation and the residents' ever-growing needs for a better life. Multiple stakeholders are involved in this context, and tensions and problems are intertwined.




This research's primary motivation is to tackle plant blindness behaviors through critical design and participatory design and re-imagine the future of human-plants relations.




The lion stairs, ‘Lejontrappan' in Swedish, is a public open space located in the center of Gothenburg. This project is trying to mapping out and take care the non-human stakeholders.




'Fika' is a Swedish term for a coffee break, but more than coffee. It is a 'social cup of tea' an everyday social phenomenon. This project identifies workshops as a mediation method to explore everyday situations from a design perspective. Combine with the choreographies aspect, this project proposes an expansion of Fika.


This project is a form finding project base on parametric tools.

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This work is a conceptual design project that harnesses wind energy in cities.


This work is a material research project. Focusing on achieve sustainable management and efficient use of natural resources


This work intends to tackle the problem of laking sunlight for everyday life in Hutong.


This work is an emotion materialization and visualization system based on peoples' electrodermal activity.

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